Saturday, September 26, 2009

Like Shattered Glass


Anger flashes brilliant
Explodes in the room
Not so far away
Words get thrown
Daggers in the dark, I looked up
A question on my lips
That never was answered
It was like walking
On shattered glass
Pieces everywhere
Falling down around me
Bouncing off drawing blood
For no good reason at all
Except for guilt
On somebody Else's face
For being caught in the act
Its always that way
When somebody
Steps outside the line
And everybody knows
Because of a stupid blunder
You cant hide from
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap
And looking in the mirror
Shows your true face
Better luck next time
Better cover all the mirrors
Or wear dark glasses
To cover up revealing
Your true evil self
To the ones who
Can see through the dark
To the ones that had no part
In your trauma
Until you decided
You didn't want to suffer alone
That will be your undoing
In the end.....

(September 26th 2009)