Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pieces of a Memory


Coming around again
In ways I never beleived
So long ago
We said our first goodbyes
And I thought at times
I had lost all perspective
Still something
In the back of my mind
Knew it wasn't over
We had to walk away
We had to run
Just to save
What had survived intact
And then
The chain was broken
Snapped in two
Too many ghosts
Too many people
Pulling from each end
No way to escape
No way to avoid
No way but to run
And that was the end
Not pretty
Not painless
Not without blame
Not without regrets
And then out of the darkness
A flicker like a candle
Came our reflection
And silent absolution
And after a while
All that stood between
Was time an distance
And an awareness
Of why we said goodbye
Time can be the devil
And time can be a healer
So here we are
Learning the things
We didnt take time to
No expectations
No looking back
All has been forgiven
And we're finding the good
From pieces of a memory
That we never could forget.

( November 24, 2009 )