Friday, November 20, 2009

Storm Warnings


What were you thinking
Or perhaps it was me
Reaching out in the darkness
In twilight dream time
It was so surreal
So intense
Like standing at the edge
Of a hurricane
Winds blowing full force
And the endless nights
Of a driving rain
Thunder and lightning
That's what it was always like
Loving you, hating you
Its a fine line to have to cross
I held out as long as I could
But the storm grew too strong
Now all that's left
Are shattered dreams
And memories
So I'm moving on
Picking up the pieces
I wanted you to stay
Even if it meant
Id have lost my mind
So now I keep my distance
And you come around
Every once in a while
You reach out
Tap the web
Trying to get my attention
And I'm transfixed
Waiting on the storm warnings
Watching the waves
As they flow over me
Tempting fate
But I'm safe here
So you won't mind
If I sit and watch from a distance

( November 20, 2009 )