Thursday, December 3, 2009

Freedom From the Dragon


In darkness
I hear you cry out
I feel you reach out
From an old familiar place
But I cannot answer
I've left this long ago
And the road back
Was long and painful
I wish you peace of mind
And solace
From a distance
And I pray for you
To be released
From the prison
The dragon
That enslaves you
And won't set you free
I look into the crystal
I throw the cards
And see faded images
Sometimes I see
Your fate and destiny
And there's nothing
That I can do
To change your path
No charm
No magick words
No wishful thinking
So I keep my distance
For my own sanity
And my own protection
Not from you
As much as from myself
Because I've been there
Right there beside you
And I can't go back
So I just watch
And play a waiting game
Even tho I know the answer
As you yourself do
So I wish you peace
And I wish you strength
And the power to fight the demons
Because that is all I can do

( December 3, 2009 )