Sunday, December 20, 2009

Standing at the Edge


Standing at the edge
Of a great void
Trying to see the other side
Finding only darkness
In between this place
And the next
Somebody said
Alice has already gone
Through the mirror
She's walking in that place
Between two worlds
Trying to find her way
Trying to let go
And leave this world behind
For a better place awaits
And I know this to be true
But it doesn't make it any easier
To stand here and watch her fade
Knowing with each moment
With each step forward
Is one step farther away
From this earthly plane
Closer to the end of a long journey
To what awaits her in the next
Wrapped in the wings of the Angels
Reunited with everyone
Who have gone on before her
In the arms of the ones
Who she has missed to most
In this I find some comfort
And it will make letting go
A little bit easier
For goodbye is just a temporary thing
As we all take that journey
When our time is at an end

(December 20, 2009)