Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chaos Revisited


These waves
Emotion crashing over me
Sometimes takes me
Right to the edge
I feel an emptiness
That I cant seem to fill
They all say, you'll be alright
But time doesn't always
Heal a Broken heart
Sometimes I'm angry
Other times sad
But I try to keep it
From showing on my face
Or reflecting in my eyes
Windows to the soul
Well I don't want to
Let anybody into that space
My own little world
Of chaotic creation
If I tear down the walls
I'll have no place to hide
The darkness will get in
Or maybe get out
So I let the waves
Crash over me
With all its fury on the rocks
With each wave
It takes one more piece
Letting go of the chaos
That I can't seem to be rid of
It has been there all my life
The monster in Pandora's box
Waiting to escape.

( January 23, 2010 )