Sunday, January 3, 2010

Empty Spaces


The minutes turn to hours
Hours into days
And I find myself
Sittin here missing you
How I'd love to hear your laughter
And your voice one more time
To be able to hug you hello and goodbye
Hear you tell me, like always
To come back real soon
And now all that is gone
For the first time in my life
Your not standing there
In my corner
Where I could always count on you
To listen and not to judge
To love me unconditionally
Like no one else has ever done
And now I feel so empty
There's this huge void
A piece of my heart is missing
Even though I know
You are watching over me now
It doesn't take away the sadness
Or the empty spaces
And no one could ever replace you
In my heart, broken or not
So I reserve the right
To fall apart now and then
When I think of you
Or when I hear your favorite song
I will always love you
And I will....
Never forget you
And when it's my time
To make that last journey
I look forward to seeing you
Standing by the gate
With your arms wide open
And a smile on your face
And the empty spaces
Wont be empty anymore.

( January 3, 2010 )