Monday, December 28, 2009

Letting Go


Somewhere in the middle of a dream
I knew that you would leave us
It was growing close at hand
I sat there with you one day
And you looked at me
You said you would never go home
I smiled and changed the subject
And tried to hide my feelings
But that was the day
That the whirlwind began
Started pulling at you
Calling you to a different place
And as it all came to a close
It was not unexpected
And I realized that
I've never known a time or place
Without you in my corner
No matter where in the world I was
I could always count on you
And you loved me without condition
Even through the difficult times
And it was a valiant struggle
Because I know you wouldn't go
And leave us here without you
And if you could
You would have stayed forever
But with a whisper that day
You slipped away from us
There was no sound
But in my mind
I saw you walk through the door
Into the brilliant light
Into the loving arms
Of the ones waiting
On the other side
We sat there quietly
We said our goodbyes
And when the end came
We walked away
So in that I've found comfort
Knowing your finally at peace
And surrounded
By the ones who left before you
I can let you go
Knowing you will be a guardian
Watching over me
Till we meet again

( Dedicated to my Grandmother Alice Irene Farquer )

( 12/28/09 )