Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the Outside Looking In


Everybody changed places
Nobody asked me
Standing there always
On the outside looking in
Walking in shadows
Footsteps I could never fill
Moments I could never feel
Always in the middle
Caught between two wars
Trying not to fall victim
To the propaganda
And live two lives
Wonder where my path goes
As I stand at the point of no return
One choice, one way
On the outside looking in
A child changes to a man
Grown older with time
Now I realize the cost of it all
A price paid in blood
Tears shed in silence
I see what could have been
What should have been
Staring into the mirrors reflection
So many miles gone past
Memories that have faded
Scattered by the wind
All these things
That I missed out on
And the things
Now to late to do, too late to feel
Just bits of paper
Without any meaning
To anybody except to me
On the outside looking in.

( February 18, 2010 )