Monday, May 31, 2010

Back Through the Mirror


If I could walk
Right through that mirror
I'd do it
To find my way back
To where we went wrong
Where we ended
Sometimes it feels so close
Close as a touch
And sometimes
So far away
Like there's no going back
I guess it's just my perception
Between looking back
And looking forward
And trying to find myself
Somewhere in the middle
The danger is
When your walking a fine line
Not to get caught up
In the chaos
And the intensity
Like a moth to a flame
So remember
Even the faintest light
Shines through the darkness
All you have to do
Is get close enough
To feel that warmth
And not singe your wings
Let the light
Be your guide
Away from the darkness
And don't look back
And things will come full circle
Just as they are meant to be
( May 31st 2010)