Friday, May 14, 2010

Glitter in the Sky


All the stars
Shine around him
Glitter in the sky
Like fireflies
On a hot summers night
He stares at the moon
And contemplates the Universe
With the eyes of a child
And a soul quite ancient
Searching for answers
To age old questions
Asked a million times before
Way back when the stars were born
He held them in his hand
Yes.. he feels ancient
And yes, sometimes betrayed
Content to follow the path
That lay before him
Knowing the journey
Will be the stuff of legends
He embraces it
All written down
In his book of secrets
Still searching
For that next soul mate
One of many this lifetime
A gift or burden
Only he can say
And so goes the ancient warrior
Embraced by the stars
And the glitter
Loved by the moon
And surrounded by the magic
In his little book of secrets.

Written May 14th 2010