Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cat and Mouse


Quietly he walked
With his hands
To his side
His eyes were sad
He never looked up
Timid and meek
Unlike anybody
That I’d ever met before
And probably never will again
I didn’t know exactly
How to deal with him
But I was intrigued
With his silence
After so many storms
Perhaps his quiet ways
Would be good for me
Might make a difference
In my world full of intensity
He would stand at my door
With wine and crystal glasses
He would say
Another taste of my wine?
And pour us both a glass
It was quite different from
That beer and wiskey crowd
That were always around
We would sit for hours
Listening to music
Telling stories
And I began to see
Where the quietness came from
Deep inside
In the shadows
A place of confusion
A place I thought
He should escape from
And so the Mouse was born
In the presence of the Cougar
Or sometimes “Ferocious Cougar”
He would look at me and give me
A somewhat crooked grin
It was completely different
It was a nice change
But it wasn't meant to be
At least back then
My world was still spinning
And he couldn't keep up
And I couldn't slow down
And then one day
He just disappeared
Vanished into the shadows
As quiet as a mouse
That was four years ago
And still not a trace
Not a day goes by
That something I hear or see
Doesn’t make me wonder
Just where the little mouse
Scampered off to
I just hope hes happy
And that one day
our paths will cross again.

For Andrew

©July 20, 2010 Ninth Wave Projects