Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Moment in the Storm


I stood outside
As the wind howled
With the sound of a thousand wings
Twisting through the trees
Bending them at will
As the willow became alive
Thrashing in the fury
As the water crashed
Against the banks
Lightning flashed across an angry sky
Like spears sent from the Heavens
By Zeuse himself
And I was caught up In the Intensity
One wave, two waves, three waves ...nine
Each stronger than the one before it
Played out like my life
Spinning out of sequence
And all the worlds
Were stages...
Ive danced across so many
Maybe I wasn't keeping score
As one blurred into the next
Maybe I never really cared
As long as the storm raged
In full force intensity
It kept the chaos
Pushed right to the edge
And kept me distracted
Even if just for a moment
And when the storm was over
I looked around to see
What was left standing
And each time it was the same
It was only me.

© 2010 Ninth Wave Projects