Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mortals Aren’t Allowed To Fly


And the Angel said
To the fool
On the edge of a cliff
Mortals aren't allowed to fly  So if you jump  All you will do is fall
So the fool
Looking perplexed
Just stood there
Swaying in the wind
So the Angel said
If you take my hand  I'll let you fall gently  There will be no pain
Oh but the fool
Did not believe
And so he leaned into the wind
And fell.....
Like a million times before
Free falling
Eyes Closed
Not knowing when it would come
And then it was over
In an instant
And when he looked up
The angel reached out
And gently picked up the fool
Rested him on his wings
Spread wide and majestic
And in the last moments
Before the light
When there was no going back
He finally knew
Mortals aren't allowed to fly

© May 19th, 2005