Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Passage of Time


I can hear the clock tick
I can look at the calendar
But I really didn't need to be reminded
Today would have been your birthday
94 years would have been a milestone
But now all I have to look at
Are photographs of birthdays past'
I can see a sense of urgency in your eyes
Like you knew the hourglass
Was getting low one grain at a time
And you were so frail and fading
I knew that would be our last celebration
It's all in your eyes in the photo
A haunted expression
A realization that it was time to let go
And then it came to pass on 12/21
On the Winter Solstice, a cold December day
You passed through the veil at 12:21 pm
You left us...
And for once everybody in that room
For just a moment, for their own reasons
All came together in a circle with quiet tears
To tell you goodbye for the last time.
I saw nothing as you lay there
Slowly breathing in silence,,
When it was finally over
There was only silence and the slow tone
From the machine that said no life.
An I knew, an era had just passed before us
And we all had our reasons
Why we loved you
And reasons why sometimes we couldn't
So with Gods patience and love
I hope you understand like we do
And I hope your reunited
With the ones you have missed
For oh so many years.
And if its in my fate
To be graced by Gods Wisdom
You look for that little 5 year old boy
The one you wanted so badly
And it will be me...
Running into you and Papaws' lap.
Until then...just watch down from the heavens
And smile ...

© ~Ninth Wave Projects Written 10/15/2010