Friday, September 10, 2010

Never Forget ( 9/11/01 )

betower invert

We were all transfixed
We were unable to move
We saw it all unfold
What the enemy had to prove
All this history
All this cost
A senseless tragedy
So much was lost
For the moment the world froze
We were all just hypnotized
We all know how the story goes
Right in front of our very eyes
So many years we've been protected
And watched the terror on TV
Now it's in our own back yard
A test of freedom all the world could see
We were shaken to the core
We were torn in two that day
And our faith was truly tested
As we dropped on knee to pray
There is no going back now
Forever etched into our mind
The questions, who, why, and how
Is something we will have to find
So on this day we will remember
The ones we lost that fateful day
On that morning in September
That will never go away.

© September 10, 2010 Ninth Wave Projects