Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We Were Forever Changed ( September 11, 2001 )


( Written Five Years Ago )

A day that started out much like today, much like tomorrow, and then the world changed. I remember being at work and being in some sort of disbelief of what was happening. We were numb, the world was numb, and it would never be the same. We went home, we watched, we waited and we prayed. Suddenly the land of the free, was a lot smaller. As the day passed, more tragedy unfolded, more tears and more fear. Were not used to feeling fear like that. I sat, looking outside my window and caught a small plane in the reflection of the big black tower... it was just a reflection... yet it seemed to be going right into the building, I jumped off the couch and hit the floor. I was there crouched for moments, that seemed like hours shaking at the fear and shock that had just gone through my whole body. I can still feel that all these years later. We are changed... Even today, all these years later it brings tears to my eyes when I think about the great losses that we as a nation, as a people, as humans....suffered that day, and how we are still dealing with it today. God help us, Pray for us and forgive us for moments of discretion. I have never gotten over that day, and I hope in some ways I never do. It will keep us safer to have one eye looking around the corner, but it will never be the same when we go to sleep at night.

( Written Sept 07,  2010 )

Memories come back to speak in dreams,
Haunt us in the deepest corners of our minds
America, the World was changed that day
I was changed as well
Something shook the very core of who we were
Our sense of safety
Our sense of freedom
All of those challenged on 9/11
So much hatred
Vile and poisonous
So many lives
Innocent and unaware
We watched them jump
We watched them fall
In horror in the safety of our homes
We were in shock
We were forever changed
The faces of people
That most of us didn't know
Etched forever in our memories
The day the Towers fell
The day the Pentagon was attacked
And the day the hero's of Flight 93
Chose to take control of their fate
And saved hundreds more
Of those Innocent Lives...
And to give up their own with honor
We were forever changed
Our eyes were opened
As we fell upon our knees
And cried with the world...

Sobering Facts :

World Trade Center  1 & 2 - 2406
Word Trade Center 1 & 2 - 200 Jumped
American Flight 11 - 87
United 175 - 60
The Pentagon - 125
American 77 - 59
United 93 - 40

Emergency Workers - 411
NYFD Firemen - 341
NYFD Paramedics - 2
NYPD Officers - 23
Port Authority - 37
Private Duty EMS Workers - 8

Let Us Never Forget
Those 2,997

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