Friday, November 19, 2010

Forever Dancing in the Fog


I've had this feeling
That things are changing
It's like a chill
That comes over you
Telling you to get it together
Stop wasting time
But it really doesn't matter
Because today is all
That anybody has
A day, and hour, or a moment
Looking back
Not all those days were kind
So looking forward
I can see fleeting glimpses
Of that ghost
Walking into the fog
Daring me to follow
And sometimes I follow
Just to get lost in the mist
Till something pulls me back
Still each time I follow
I get just a little bit closer
And a bit farther away
From this place I exist in
And I know that someday
I will become that ghost
The one that beckons
The one I have chased
For longer than I can remember
And I will remain there
Forever dancing in the fog

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS - November  19,  2010