Saturday, October 30, 2010

Star Crossed Lovers


Star crossed lovers
Crazy it seems
These paths should cross
As the stars aligned
The moon was full
That was the night
That I knew I loved you
There was this intensity
It was overwhelming
Like a great wave
That rises and falls
To crash against the rocks
You can even feel the ground
As it rocks a little
But we were caught up
In the moment
By the intensity
And I touched you
To feel the connection
With my eyes closed
I could see colors
When we came together as one
Just like it should be
And for a time
The magic remained
Untouched by mortal man
But all the glitters
Can be bought and sold
As time becomes your enemy
You see the cracks in the wall
And feel the foundation crumble
But still your eyes are closed
And you are reaching...
But the stars in the sky
Fell like tears in a silvery rain
Flooded the mountains
Washed away the connection...
And they stood at the crossroads
And chose another path
Went their separate ways
And the blue calm sea
Became a raging Storm
The lightning flashed
Angry in his eyes
The thunder like a scream
Echoed down the hallways
When love and hate
Was broken into a line
That nobody wanted to cross over
So it was the end of an era
And all that remained
Was time....
They say that time heals all wounds
But some were too deep
And some too painful
No spoken words would tell
All the secrets between them
But time moved on
And the storm became
A blue calm sea
The water washed away
The lines drawn in the sand
And forgiveness and healing
Brought their paths together
Once torn apart
An unexpected twist of fate
And a new beginning
Was the thing they both needed
To overcome the ghosts
And the demons
Cast them out
Into the holy waters
And not look back
Only forward
For star crossed lovers
And for old friends
As they come full circle
And begin again...

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS - October 30, 2010