Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Repair The Soul


I walk in silence
With my arms
Reaching out to the stars
Wondering how
To cope with the outcome
Sometimes my fists
Pointed to the Sky's in defiance
And sometimes wrapped around
To try and comfort me
A touch that often made me feel better
But those arms are gone now
And they took a part of me
Thought the veil
From what was, to what is
And I find myself wondering
What's next in my life
Will there ever be someone
To fill the shadow
That you left in my heart
Or maybe this is a sign
Of whats to come
Till one by one the roses
Have been picked from the bush
To this I have no answer
Even after the passing
And a year gone since
Not a day goes by
That I don't think of
Picking up the phone
And then I pause
Ands lay the phone down
I stand there for a moment
To brush away the tears
That I've grown accustomed to
I wish I knew
That you were at rest
And in a better place than here
Maybe just knowing
I could heal this broken heart
And repair this broken soul.

December 21st ,2010 on the Winter Solstice