Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Circle Walk


Sometimes it feels
Like I'm going in circles
No matter how far you walk
You always end up
Right back at the beginning
Till one day...that beginning
Becomes an ending
And all it leaves are choices
To start all over
Or to just let go
Well I've grown weary
Of all this traveling
And there has to be
Something more
Something that has more meaning
That will set free what I've guarded
Oh so well...
And I've found a place
That I could stay forever
A safe haven
And the things a safe haven can offer
But the love given here
doesn't fill the spaces
And I cannot return
Something that I just dont feel 
So I keep looking
And every day I remain here
Is a day I want to leave
Every moment I remain here
I feel a little less
And I remain a prisoner
Just like all the rest
So again I walk the circle
Like a thousand times before
And maybe in the future
I'll understand what for...

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS ~ January 4, 2011