Friday, February 18, 2011

Watching From A Distance


The first time I saw you
Wasn't through the looking glass
At the hospital nursery
And it wasn't safe at home
All snuggled in your Mothers arms
You were 7 going on 20
Ready to take on the world
Stubborn just like your Mom
Hands on your hips
Always an opinion on no matter what
And not afraid to say what was on your mind
And I knew right away
We were in for a wild ride
Ready or not
And I wouldn't have changed a moment
Of this strange journey
That threw us all together
I watched you grow
From a distance...
Thought the phases of your life
I've laughed, and I've cried
And at times you tested my patience
To the limits of my distraction
And I would do it all over again
In a heartbeat
And now here you are
On the edge of being all grown up
Ready to spread your wings
And to test the waters
And still I remain here
Watching from a distance
Knowing you will stumble
That you will have many successes
And that sometimes
You will trip and fall
Just like the rest of us
But keep in mind, I am never far away
Ill pick you up and dust you off
And I'll laugh when I tell the story
I'll commend you...
When you learn another lesson
If it takes three times
To get it right
Or you need someone to talk to
In the middle of the night
So if you ever need me
Know I'm never far away
And that I will always love you
Each and every day.

For Stephanie