Friday, April 8, 2011

Tower In The Sky

Once upon a time
Long long ago
In a world
Quite different than this
He looked over the walls
Walked down the halls
Of the castle so fair
Big stone walls 
To keep some out
And keep some in
A prisoner in disguise
He could walk among them
The people of the city
And no one was the wiser
Searching for something
He could never find
A life unchosen
Calls to him
Beckons him 
Reminds him of the past
A reflection in the mirror
As he looks among the children
Playing innocent games
So he wonders
From dawn to sunset
If he made a mistake
To take the path he's on
No one knows but him
How empty he feels inside
While he sits in his tower
Watching the people come and go
The children so enchanted
And the old ones
That do not come anymore
Have taken the journey
Into the mist across the sea
And he wonders
When his time will come
And will anybody notice
That he no longer watches
From the tower in the sky

© April 8 2011 Ninth Wave Projects