Monday, March 21, 2011

To The Edge of the Line


I've held myself together
All day long
My mind wanders
To places it shouldn't go
Filled with what ifs
And had I only known
Well they don't much matter
Anymore these days
Old bones left to rattle
Dark spirits when the wind blows
But the souls have long gone
Leaving empty spaces
Like memories
That slip through your hands
Like so many grains of sand
Just like the sky
Full of stars
Falling across the heavens
Calling out
Waiting for the children
To come home
Some days are just too hard
And the nights
Full of images
Like a ghostly play
That keeps calling to you
Then vanishes
Like a ghost in the fog
Always out of reach
Beckons to you each night
Deeper into the darkness
To the edge of the line
I've stood at that edge
So many times...
Yet something keeps me here
I feel a hand on my shoulder
When I dare myself
To take that one last step
But tonight once more
I resisted the fog
Turned my back on the ghost
And retreated to the safety zone
But there's always tomorrow....