Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still Small Voice

gods hug

Look around you
The winds with colors
Pulling you upward
To see the face of God
So just let go
Take that step in mid air
Just take Gods hand
Strong and protective
Close your eyes for the moment
And take that step
You wont fall
He will cradle you
With infinite wisdom
Trust never fails
And with all the love
That holds the universe together
One tiny spark
Thats what we are
In a sky among billions
And yet he knows each of us
By our own individual light
Our light comes from within
Piercing the black ink sky
He knows our still small voice
When mountains tremble
Beneath his feet
And his voice surrounds you
Like the walls of a great castle
Protection all around you
In the presence of God
Just have faith
And reach out with no fear
Call out to him
With your still small voice
And he will answer you