Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When the Light Fades


And in the mirror the light fades
Leaves you silhouetted in silence
Reach out and try to touch the sun
Without getting your fingers singed
It's like that fine line you walk
Perhaps its just my imagination
Or maybe its a dream
Just three steps ahead of the nightmare
And that's all that really matters

When your light fades
And your face fades
Then your lost to them
And they win the game

Sometimes in the reflection of the mirror
You catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye
You turn to look but only for a moment
Has a familiar sparkle
A familiar face looks back
And it whispers......
Where are you, where have you been?
Ive not seen you in so long...
Many times I thought
I'd never see you again
My friend...reflection of a dream

And still when the light fades
And your face fades into total darkness
To the dark side of the moon
You will always remain.

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS June 29th 2011