Saturday, August 6, 2011

Timeless Memories


I look at your picture
And I reach for the phone
Then my memories flood back in
An I know your no longer there
Reality Check
Leaves me silent
Sometimes I just stare
Sometimes I shed a tear
Sometimes I am angry
But in the end, I'm just alone
Looking back at all the shadows
Passing memories
Fleeting moments in time
Not everything was perfect
There were good moments
And there were the rough times
I chose to stay away
And I live with that guilt every day
About the things we could have shared
Those moments will never come again
So at times it seems like a dream
Sometimes I wake up crying 
And I am desperately alone     
And sometimes I am driven
To find that feeling again
In this small circle of  companions 
My entourage till the end.

© August 6, 2011 NINTH WAVE PROJECTS