Sunday, July 31, 2011

Even For A Moment


Standing at a crossroads
Looking back...
Looking foreword...
I keep on wandering
Just searching where I belong
I'm keeping one eye the past
And another on what may be
All I have to do
To survive the sunset
Is to survive the daylight
And all those chains I've broken
I Keep pulled tight
I've reconciled with...
Moments I've let go of'
And memories I've kept hidden
Sometimes I look back and see myself
Maybe that was the path I should have taken
Another regret...
Another experience lost
Lingering forever...
Like a ghost dancing around the fire
There comes a time that going back
Is just another illusion
So you simply linger from time to time
With your eyes lowered...
So everybody else cant see into your soul
And how its faded....
Till the next crossroads
Where the cycle begins again
Eyes down...
You may find a piece of your past
In the search of where you want to be
Something that makes you better
Along the way...

Even for a moment

© August 1, 2011 ~Ninth Wave Projects