Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows


The scent of falling leaves
In brilliant colors
Wood on the fire
Gives way to the fog
Where ghosts dwell
Candy Apples ready for bobbing
Frost on the pumpkins
And jack-o-lanterns light the path
With an orange glow
The laughter of children
Costumed going door to door
Witches and Goblins
Wizards slaying dragons
There is magick in the air
Old stone circles
Long ago we danced in circles
Holding hands
Remembering those 
Who danced before us
Conjuring up the past
Where it all began
Listen closely and you may hear
Their voices in song
Dancing under the moon
On All Hallows ...

So Mote It be.

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS * October 31st 2011