Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Wayward Poets Reflection


The Sound of thunder
Off in he distance
I can almost 'feel' it
As it rolls across the sky
Lightning flashes
Catching a single tear
Rolling down my cheek
As it falls to the floor
So many miles
Traveled and back again
I'm not sure where along the way
I closed my eyes
And when I looked up
Half a Century had passed
And many times
It's felt like forever
And other times just an instant
Frozen in Time
So there comes a time
When you have to let it all go
Take the good and the bad
And lay it all out in front of you
And see what you have accomplished
And the things half finished
Some never started...
Just another passage of time
A way to sort out whats important
And what isn't, maybe never was
I wish I could close my eyes
And when I opened them
I'd have that second chance
To take another path
But those are just the musings
Lofty dreams not to be
Held in high acclaim
By a wayward poet
As he reflects the time gone by
And the time yet to be seen.

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS * March 17th 2012
Written by : Michael L Farquer