Monday, July 13, 2009

A Silent Goodbye

Anthony "Tony" Godfrey


The Winds of change
Blow softly now
The waves of the lake
Calm..where a storm rages
The night sky
Ever so bright
Has lost a star
Burned out
Flashed across the sky
Without a sound
We look up
See a bit more darkness
Where a point of light
Was always there
To guide us
Through the night
Camelot is far away
The faint cry of dragons
Are all but a whisper
And hold no comfort
A lone candle burns
In the window of the tower
A beacon for the soul
Searching his way
Thru the mist covered forest
And from the garden
He walks alone
From a distance we see him go
Quietly turning one last time
To say a silent goodbye
And in that moment
The fog takes him
And the candle flame
Burns no more
He has gone ... home.

( Written For Tony ...July 12, 2009 )

Gwen.... I cannot wrap my head around the news you gave me tonite about Tony. I am so very sorry, and I feel so bad for you, You know I love you and I always have, and you know how I felt about him.... he was part of our gang on the island of misfit toys... so, as writers and poets do... I picked up a pen after we spoke on the fone... after I regained my composure.... and wrote this. I so want to be there for you now... but I will be there as always in spirit, just reach out... and I will feel you calling.

Love.. Michael.