Friday, August 7, 2009

Strong Enough ( Sands of Time )


The rain is coming
To wash away the dust
That time has given us
To fade away the memories

Am I strong enough
Am I wise enough
To just stand back
And let it all wash away

Maybe the rains won't come
I'll see the storm clouds
Pass by us like always
Maybe i'll be wrong this time

Could we survive the winds
As they swirl around us
Will the walls hold
Just a little while longer

Am I strong enough
Am I wise enough
Will I watch from a distance
Or will I run into the wind

Flashes in the night sky
Means danger to my soul
I don't even know
Where to run anymore

Maybe I will run to you
Maybe I will run away
If I only knew
How strong the walls were

If you held out your hand
And turned away the darkness
Would I find the strenght
To let the light shine down

Am I strong enough
Am I wise enough
Will your eyes be a beacon
To lead me to the shore

Only time will tell
The face of time
The sands of destiny
A tempest in the desert

And let the rains come
Let the waters wash away
All the ties that bind your love
One strand at a time

Am I strong enough ( I am )
Am I wise enough ( I have to be )
Only you will know
So let the rains come

Wash away the sands of time..........

( Copyright August 7, 2009 Ninth Wave Inc )