Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Empty Spaces


And she says
Soul be my sister
As she stands alone
Reflecting in the mirror
There's just a ghostly image
Looking back now
Of what used to be
Shes deflecting glances
Of what nobody knows
A shadow here
And old familiar scent
Earthy and comforting
She knows how to reach out
Into the darkness
Touching souls
Each day passes
Small victories
But losing the war
So she wonders why
Anything else matters
When nothing fills
The empty spaces
She knows hes out there
Just beyond the veil
Lingering on the edge
Memory and heartache
Confusion and frustration
So with gentle sadness
He says to her
Soul be my lover
Soul be my wife
Timeless and ageless
There will come a day
When the veil is lifted
And the touch familiar
Will surround her
No longer alone
They will walk among the stars
And the emptyness
Will be a distant memory.

( October 20, 2009 )

For Gwen at the gate... timeless, soul sister, our connection is ageless, and I will always love you.