Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Going Back


We made our choices
Maybe they were
Already made
There was no going back
At least not for me
Too many off ramps
Already in my life
Now it's just
Straight down the road
Revelations like that
Don't come easy
But they should have
Come forth way before
They were brought into the light
I let myself move forward
Before I checked out the facts
Maybe you had your reasons
Maybe it was your own fear
Well if it was your demon
It got the best of you
Sitting there at that table
Surrounded by all your people
And all it took was a word
And a glance to prove
The truth was spoken
And for me that was it
It was over before it began
And now all these years
That have followed since
You seem to still be
Back in that fantasy
That you tried to create
An all the while
I'm a prisoner
Behind the castle walls
Contemplating my discontent
One breath at a time.

( October 15th 2009 )