Friday, October 23, 2009

Reckless ( On the Edge )


Always on the edge
Leanin way over
Waitin to fall
Maybe to jump
With you it's crazy
I never know
What to expect
Or which way to run
I can't deal with it
Your reckless soul
I get caught up
In the vortex
Like the wind
Edge of a hurricane
I forget to think
What always happens next
After the hit and run
Because thats the only constant
In your world
And it always leaves me
Shattered on the side of the road
Lost somewhere in the dark
Lookin for the light
And I have to
Start all over
Picking up the pieces
Left by your reckless soul
Till the next time
Its a long way back
One day I know
I'll stop looking up
When I hear your voice
I won't have to fight myself
Between the darkness
And the light
Im not there yet
I still look up
But from a safe distance now
It's gotten so much easier
I like living in the light
Where I need to stay
No more chaos
No more temptation
Guess i've come out
Of the darkness after all.

( October 23, 2009 )