Saturday, October 3, 2009



U feel smaller and smaller
Like Alice in the looking glass
Caught by the Mad Hatter
Sneakin out the door
Teacup in hand
Oh... its never too late
Silly rabbit
To find out who you are
And where your going
But you have to slow down
Or you might get lost
In the Red Queens Castle
Off with your head!
Cried the Angry Queen
And you run for your life
While the Chessire cat
Grins in the dark corner
And asks you a question
So what would you give
To walk through a room
And be invisible
What would it be worth
To be safe from peering eyes
As they gather together
And say they told you so
While they sip their tea
and give you that stilletto glance
Cuts like a knife
With a dull and jagged blade
Everytime you look up
And you wonder
When this dream will end
And you will wake up
And peer under your bed
To make sure
That your there all alone
No grinning cats
And no mad hatters
No rabbits on the run
Always late and in a hurry
And the angry Queen
Fades from your sight
She's in her tower
With the Jacks in a row
Giving her full attendance
So you sit there in silence
So now your all alone
This is what you asked for
This is what you got
The only question that remains
Is it what you always dreamed of
Or is the silence like a scream
That haunts your soul
Day after day.

(October 3, 2009)