Saturday, October 24, 2009

When Nobody Listens


In the darkness
Into the dawn
Nobody hears him
Nobody sees him
The ghost in the fog
Sitting under the moon
Tears raining down
Like diamonds
From the sky
But nobody is there
To catch his tears
Or to quiet the fears
That he gives into
In to the night
But shouldn't there be
Somebody with him
When he cries
Somebody to reach out
And quiet the demons
Take the pain away
Even for just a moment
Some call it his fate
Some say it's his destiny
Some say, its his punishment
For thing's he's long forgotten
Or for things he's not yet seen
Somewhere in the dark of night
And if you stop and listen
Become one with the night
Lean into the wind
You can hear a ghostly silence
Tears carried on the winds
Of a long forgotten prisoner
Sitting in the dark
Existing on the edge
Just waiting out his time

(October 24, 2009)

Sometimes... I sit at my desk till the night has become the daytime... wandering the web, writing, looking back into my own reflection and now and then I become inspired to create something very introspective. My writings always have 'a little bit of me in them' but there usually me looking at a situation, at a relationship, or a person of great influence in my life. It is always safer to distance ones self just a bit from their point of reference, if for nothing else... to hide from your own demons... the ones that exist just for you. So last night I was compelled to sit in front of my demons, confront them, call them by name and to let them out momentarily to do battle. Out of the ashes of that revelation, I wrote what I believe has to be, one of the most revealing , intimate, and truthful pieces ive ever allowed myself to write. And so my friends.... if you've ever wondered what it was like to see deep into ones soul.... without castle walls, or behind veiled illusions, read on. It's a rare moment that I decided to share with you.