Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Sort of Deja’Vu


Photographs of memories
Stashed away in time
Carefully put away
When you're trying to forget
Gathering dust until
We've learned to forgive
Laughing at crazy faces
Putting memories to old places
We used to hang at
All those years ago
Smiles and laughter
I haven't seen in a long time
Makes you warm and fuzzy
With some sort of deja'vu
When you think how
All the cards played out
Sometimes gives you a chill
I see my self in those images
I still see some demons
I can still remember the pain
Behind those eyes
But it's nothing like it used to be
I've thrown those demons
Back where they came from
Some of them i've tamed
The rest hold no power
Over either one of us
We can laugh again
With a freedom
That we hadn't learned
Way back when
Guess things sometimes
Just have a life of their own
They catch you
When you least expect it
Unaware of the road
Till you take the time
To live in the moment
And take those deja'vu moments
With a grain of salt
A little bit of wisdom
And just let them be.

( November 08, 2009 )