Thursday, November 12, 2009

If I Ever Cross Your Mind


Sometimes I wonder
If I ever still
Cross your mind
As the sun sinks
Into the west
A dusky glow
Oh cause I do
Think about you
Every now and then
Faded memories
Just a bit of dust
Into the wind
Scattered here and there
Yeah I think about you
Brings a smile
To my face
And now and then
Brings tears and questions
Sometimes still the pain
And I wonder
If I'm the only one
When the day is done
Still feeling this way
Walking down this path
They call life
Trying not to look back
Wondering if I'd see
Maybe you looking too
Trying to reach out
To try to find me
Maybe one day
You'll find time
To think about the past
Reach out and wonder
Whatever happened
To you and to me.

( November 12, 2009 )