Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Middle of the Mirror ( Broken Glass )


You can see me
Smiling in the mirror
Walking among the strangers
But you don't know
What I'm feeling
Behind these blue eyes
Sometimes you see
Just what your looking for
Sometimes you see
Exactly what I want you to see
And I may never tell you
Not even in secret
Who's looking back at you
At any given moment
I wont give you ammunition
To use again against me
Even after all these years
We could be in the room together
And I'm a million miles away
Just don't take it personally
Because its not personal you see
Its just a part of
That great wall around me
Built up to keep out the strangers
And to keep out the dangers
And deflect my true feelings
To let you know how I really feel
So I write a lot of poems
Pieces of my history
About everybody in my life
Some past , some present
And some that might be
Interchangeable words
For a made up world
A masterpiece of rhyme
Without a painters brush
Some say its oh so pretty
Buts its simply broken glass
They say to me
I know just how you feel
But nobodies been there
In the places that I've been
In the middle of the mirror
With broken dreams and glass
So if you ever feel connected
And if you ever think you see
A reflection in that mirror...
And if you think that for a moment
That it was really me...
I've got a hundred other pieces
That you can read for free.

© August  2010 Ninth Wave Projects