Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wheel of Time


The wheel of time...
Moves on, never stops
Sometimes you just hold on
It can be a wild ride
Not knowing where it's going
Or when it will stop
What if you let go
Even for a moment
Where will you end up
Crazy wheel...
Friends come and go
Passing one another
But for me theyre always there
In my thoughts
In my memories
Played out like a song
With some of the verses missing
And I can always write more lines
Change the ending
But that would be a lie
And why mess up
The perfect ending
And there will
Always,  be and end
They have asked me
Many times
If you know the outcome
If you know it wont last forever
Why do you take part
In the cosmic dance?
And I say...
It's because the journey
Is what makes it
Worth the cost
One step at a time
One breath you breathe
One moment in passing
Makes it all come full circle
And that, is worth the dance.

© 2010 Ninth Wave Projects