Monday, October 25, 2010


blue tower

Some call it Sanctuary
And some say refuge
It's like waking up
To a hurricane
Safe behind the walls
Until you realize
It's all just an illusion
As the walls
That kept the world out
Begin to crumble around you
So you retreat higher
Up into the towers
That you have let surround you
And created your world in
So high up in the tower
Where the winds
They lift you up
And they surround you
With colors
A cosmic blue cloak
That blurs your visions
To the illusion of safety
As stone by stone
The towers that you live in
Begin to fall apart
Yet the voices sing to you
A hypnotic lullaby
An so you choose to listen
To those voices
Instead of seeing whats around you
As the towers begin to fall
There is no escape
There is nothing to hold on to
And you find yourself falling
Surrounded by the wind
As the towers are no more
And your visions
They have tricked you
All these many years
And what remains
Are just images of the past