Monday, March 7, 2011

A War Too Long Fought


Not gentle is the atmosphere
Nor silent in its lost brilliance
That which will be devastating
To so many more than you ever knew
That you would be so full of potential
But so lost in the hurricane
Walking the fire at the edges of the earth
Treading the Waters
Of the sea beneath your feet
Lifted by the Spirit in the Air
But the darkness follows you
Each time you return
Your a little bit less like you
And I know your tired from it all
And so many times you've started over
Many that have passed that way
Eventually they are forgotten
But not by all of them...
I haven't decided
If being your friend
Cost too much or gave too little
Like all self inflicted soldiers
They go the way they want to
And sometimes we stand in honor
And sometimes we walk away
And some sit contemplating the past
The adventures we shared..were crazy
Some of the best times even in the middle of the night
We became 'brothers of the wave'
But I never managed to teach you
That the leaves of the tree could fall one at a time
in a graceful dance....
Rather then be ripped off in violence
For you there was always the edge of the storm
Better to burn it is to fade away..
One last time ... lets fly like the wind
Ride that wave...
And chase away the ghosts
And then ... I must turn away
Never to look back
And get back to my own journey.
So i just walked a trillion tears tonight
Teardrops of crystal
Shattered into a million pieces
Ill keep one wrapped and hidden
Every place I go
No matter where I end up in this world or the next
theres always angles and demons
But theres only one that mattered
And when truth be told
when our eyes next met
Please know
That regardless of how things turned
I still have your long as you need me to
But there is only so far
That I can go.